Boarding for Dogs and Cats

Why should you board your pets with Petvacx?
Because we are not a large boarding facility, our guests are showered with lots of attention from every member of our staff. Our private doggy dens and a cozy cat room ensure that your pet can relax while you are away. When you choose to board your furry family members at Petvacx Animal Hospital, we will treat your pets like our own.

Boarding at our hospital provides your pet with comfort, care, and safety; it also gives pet parents like you peace-of-mind to know that skilled veterinary technicians and assistants are caring for your cat or dog. Our doctors are also on-site to provide any medical care. We know how difficult it can be to be away from your fur-babies, so if an e-mail address is provided, we will send you photos and updates to ease your mind and heart.

kennel for dogs
cat palace

​​​​​​​Our boarding services include:

  • Outdoor walks, three times a day, except for twice a day on Sundays, for all dogs staying with us at no additional cost.
  • Daily playtime sessions for all cat boarders.
  • Clean, spacious kennels housed in our hospital boarding facility.
  • On-site supervision by our licensed veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians.
  • Photo updates via email while your pet is boarding.
  • Required veterinary services/ grooming (bath, nail trims, anal gland expressions) can be performed while your pet is staying with us.

When your pets are in our care, you can count on us to treat them with the same love and compassion you would give to them at home!

Boarding requirements:

  • We kindly ask all of our boarder pets to be up to date on their vaccinations and intestinal parasite screen/fecal flotation test. Please inquire about additional information if your pet's vaccines are overdue or needing to be done for the first time.

Canine requirements: Rabies, canine distemper, bordetella, canine influenza (H3N2+H3N8), fecal test

Feline requirements: Rabies, feline distemper, fecal test

**If this will be your pet’s first time receiving the vaccinations required for boarding, a vaccine booster will be required 3-4 weeks after the first vaccination excluding Rabies and Rabies PureVax.**

  • All of our boarders need to be up to date on a flea/tick preventative. If they are not currently taking any flea/tick prevention we can administer a dose during boarding at the owner's expense.
  • Pet parents are welcome to bring their pets food (wet or dry food) if your pet is on a special diet, we kindly ask that you provide enough food for the duration of your pet's stay. We feed both our canine and feline boarders dry Purina EN Gastroenteric at no additional charge. If you would like to purchase any additional food please mention it to our receptionist.
  • There is an administration fee for medication that is required to be prepared and given to your pet. If you bring your own pill pockets and or have the medications ready to go you will NOT be charged.
  • We provide all bedding for your pets, if you would like to bring any toys we ask you to please limit it to no more than 3 toys. Rubber toys (rubber bones, rubber balls, Kongs, etc) are preferred. Petvacx is NOT responsible for lost or damaged items while boarding.

Our boarding fees are charged per day, not per night or hourly. If pickup is made before 12:00 PM, you will NOT be charged for that day.

Call 301-838-9506 or email for more information or to book your pet’s next staycation!
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