Petvacx Animal Hospital:

A Legacy of Compassionate Veterinary Care

Petvacx Animal Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Services was founded by Dr. Deborah Dodson and Dr. Raymond Craft in 1982, with the mission of providing convenient and affordable mobile care. Petvacx was the first mobile veterinary clinic of it’s kind in the country. In 1989 Petvacx expanded by opening its full service animal hospital in Rockville, Maryland. Drs. Dodson and Craft continued to manage and operate the Petvacx Animal Hospital, as well as the mobile van, and performed house calls.

In 2017, Drs. Dodson and Craft chose Drs. Hudgins and Wiley to take over ownership and to continue Petvacx’s mission of compassionate, affordable, and convenient care for all pets.

Petvacx Animal Hospital
veterinarians on a boat

Drs. Dodson and Craft enjoying a well-earned retirement! Thank you for 35 years of serving pets in Montgomery County!

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