Our Mission & Values

The Petvacx Mission

"It is important for us that Petvacx be a place where it is abundantly clear how much we love and value our patients, but also our pet parents and our employees. There is a huge movement towards corporate large-scale veterinary medicine, which in its very nature prioritizes profit and impacts medical decision making. We bought Petvacx to make sure that we would be able to practice independent, patient-centered, evidence-based medicine where we could educate our clients and they could be the primary decision makers. It is NEVER profit first. The other founding principle of Petvacx is that we want to create an employee-centered culture and that our staff will always be paid a living wage and have access to medical care, paid education, and advancement opportunities. Our hiring practices reflect our personal commitment to diversity and the advancement of minorities and women in medical, scientific, and management positions."

--Dr. Rachel Wiley & Dr. Samantha Hudgins

Petvacx Core Values

  • ​​​​​​​Respect & Compassion: Respect and compassion for our clients, patients and each other.

  • Equality: Value all clients and animals equally, regardless of how much money the client can spend on their animal. We never prejudge clients, everyone is offered the same highest quality options.

  • Client Engagement: Clients should be active participants in the decision-making process of their pet’s treatment.

  • Work-Life Balance: Value the importance of personal time and family time for ourselves and our staff.

  • Teamwork: Strong teams are rooted in empathy and communication.

  • Communication: By surrounding ourselves with a communicative, well-trained team, we will be able to delegate tasks effectively and use our team members' strengths to grow.

  • Education: Value life long learning for ourselves and our team. Actively promote client education and community education.

  • Support: Provide a safe, supportive environment where open communication is valued.

  • Empowerment: The best care for clients and pets is achieved when the entire team is empowered to take initiative and invest themselves in the best interests of the client, pet, and practice.

  • Positivity: The belief in enjoying work and in the power of a good attitude.

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