Health Certificates

Health Certificates

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Preparing to travel with your pet? Look no further, our team is here to help! You’re most likely going to need an International Health Certificate. Below you will find valuable information to help you through the process of traveling abroad with your pet.

Unfortunately, the process is not as simple as most think. Every country has different rules, and each require differing documentation proving your pet is healthy and vaccinated. Obtaining the necessary documentation can be complex and drawn out — and in some cases it can take up to several months!

Our client care specialist team is here to assist you with the initial process and our medical team alongside our USDA accredited veterinarians are here to help make the exam and certificate process as smooth as possible to help get your furry friend ready for take off!

Pet Travel

We provide health certificates for DOGS and CATS only.

Before you visit to obtain your International Health Certificate, our team will guide you to fill out a pet travel checklist. Also remember: It is important you contact us as soon as you are considering international travel. Getting a final certificate can be a lengthy process!

  1. Upon contacting us to inquire about our health certificates our client care specialist team will collect information regarding your travel plans, briefly go over USDA country requirements and kindly ask all clients to fill out our checklist prior to finalizing a scheduled appointment date. Click to be directed to the travel checklist. We encourage all clients to visit the USDA pet travel website to review all requirements for their country of travel. Additionally, please inquire with your individual airline to go over their specific requirements (not all USDA country specific requirements match individual airline requirements). USDA Website for Pet Travel-
  2. Once you’ve completed the checklist, contact our client care specialist team to schedule an appointment. For international health certificates appointments can be scheduled Monday-Saturdays (*AM preffered to ensure certificate is submitted to the USDA the same day). Prepayment for the visit is required as of July 1st, 2023 prior to confirming appointment slot.
  3. In preperation for your visit please make sure to either return via email or print out the checklist and any country-specific paperwork, if necessary. Also bring along any copies of rabies certificates, microchip documentation, additional lab testing and medical history to your visit.
  4. On the day of your appointment, visit us to get help completing the health and paperwork requirements, and have a fun trip!

Additional Information

For the majority of countries, once the process of the health certificate is completed by our USDA accredited Petvacx veterinarians, it must then be endorsed by the USDA State veterinarian. If your country is an "orange banner" country according to the USDA guidelines and needs to be ink sign and emboss sealed please keep in mind for mailing any federal holidays can affect endorsement timeline.

Some countries require specific laboratory testing such as a Rabies titers test. (FAVN)

  • About The FAVN Test and FAVN Report
The Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) test measures the response of an animal’s immune system to the rabies vaccine. More specifically, it is a virus neutralization assay developed to screen animal sera by a standard method for an adequate level of rabies antibodies following vaccination. A completed “FAVN REPORT FORM” is required for each sample submitted for the rabies blood serum test. The rabies antibody titer results are placed on an adhesive sticker on a copy of the “FAVN REPORT FORM” submitted with the sample – this is the official FAVN report. The original “FAVN REPORT FORM” submitted with the sample is retained on file at The Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory.

The FAVN test is required by many rabies-free countries or regions in order for dogs and cats to qualify for a reduced quarantine period prior to entry. Some of these regions are Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Australia, Guam, New Zealand, and some islands in the Caribbean. Always check with the destination authority to verify pet importation requirements.

Current FAVN turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks. (On certain occasions Kansas State laboratory can take 6-8 weeks due to staffing so we advise the sooner the better when scheduling).

There is no expedited service offered by the laboratory.

Please visit the website for Kansas State University FAVN testing for additional information, their most recent update as of 2023 states they will not be taking direct calls from animal owners any test status questions should be asked to the veterinarian who submitted the sample to KSVDL.
Pet parents however can track the status of the FAVN submission via their pets microchip number. Attached is the website:

"Per KSU UPDATE: We will no longer be able to field phone calls or emails from animal owners. If you have rabies testing questions, please contact the veterinarian who submitted your sample(s) to KSVDL. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

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