OFA and Health Testing

OFA and Health Testing


Petvacx now offers OFA and health testing! Both visits are done with our technicians only, no doctors will be scheduled for these appointment types (unless if sedation or Rabies vaccine are necessary).

Proof of rabies is required for all OFA inquiries. Please email the proof to petvacxvet@gmail.com prior to your visit or bring the hard copy to the visit. Without proof of rabies if a client wishes for their pet to be seen it will incur an examination with one of our doctors and administration of the Rabies vaccine at additional cost to the owner.

OFA forms must be completed in advance and brought to the appointment with Credit Card information filled out (for OFA fees) All forms are sent digitally - we are unable to collect check or cash payment for fees due to OFA at this time.

Most OFA radiographs are able to be done without anesthesia unless dog is uncooperative. If we are unable to achieve correct positioning for X-rays safely, a mild sedation may be necessary and an additional charge of $145.00 will be incurred which must be paid at time of appointment.

Images will not be interpreted prior to sending to OFA. Images are available via email by request. You will not be informed of results by Petvacx AH.

  • OFA hips ($185)

  • OFA elbows ($185)

  • OFA hips AND elbows ($325)

  • Microchip ($50)

  • Draw/submit bloodwood for thyroid to Michigan State University ($185)

  • Draw/submit bloodwork for canine Brucellosis to IDEXX ($155)

Scheduling is avaliable on our website. A deposit is required upon scheduling. No call or email inquiries, online booking ONLY.

Online booking only
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