Spaying & Neutering

Low Cost Feline Spay & Neuter Clinic


Petvacx is excited and proud to announce that we are offering a limited number of low-cost spay and neuter procedure surgery appointments at our hospital starting in March 2024.

These procedures are part of our commitment to helping prevent pet overpopulation and keeping veterinary care accessible for all community members. We are able to offer these discounted prices through donations to our Angel Fund and by offering modifications to our procedures that promote efficiency and cost savings.

Reservations for these limited procedure spots are only avaliable on our website. A deposit is required upon scheduling. No call or email inquiries, online booking ONLY.

  • Requirements for age are 6 months (>4lbs)- 4 years old (MAXIMUM age).
  • Strays and feral felines are welcome as patients to participate in our clinic as long as they meet the age requirements.
  • Unfortunately if the feline is sick they are not eligible to participate in our clinic, additionally we cannot accept any palpable pregnancies (>30 days pregnant) or no lactating queens.
  • Proof of up to date Rabies vaccine is required.

What is the difference between the low-cost spay and neuter procedure?

Petvacx’s standard anesthetic protocol uses the highest end and safest anesthetic medications that carry the least cardiovascular impact. Our traditional anesthetic protocol is tailored to our individual patients, approved by cardiologists to be safest for our most fragile patients including geriatric patients and patients with heart or organ compromise. Each patient has full pre-anesthetic bloodwork including heart stress testing. Each individual patient receives an IV catheter and continuous monitoring by a dedicated team of veterinary nurses through the pre and post anesthetic period. Patients receive post-operative laser treatments to promote healing and decrease pain and inflammation. Our pet owners will meet with a technician and speak with the veterinarian on the day of their animals’ procedure as well as get updates through the procedure and when their pet is in recovery.

Our low-cost spay neuter protocols are designed to meet the standards designed for cost savings and efficiency by shelter medicine veterinarians. The surgical procedure and use of pain medications is unchanged. The anesthetic we use in these protocols are designed to be safest for a population of young, healthy animals which is why we make our age cutoff 4 years old. These anesthetics are slower to leave the system than our traditional anesthetics we use at Petvacx, so patients may be groggier for the next day than in our traditional procedures. Patients do not receive an IV catheter. Patients do not receive a post- operative laser treatment. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is elective and has an additional cost. Patients will be monitored in the post anesthetic period in a group. They will recover from surgery in their carriers and a single nurse/technician will monitor multiple patients at once. Pet owners will not be speaking with a technician or veterinarian on the day of surgery unless there are specific concerns or questions the team has. Pet owners will have an assigned pick up and drop off time and will not get updates through the day on their patient. Owners need to provide their own e-collar or medical shirt for their recovering patient.


How to book?

Appointments are avaliable via ONLINE booking only, we will not scheduling via phone inquiry, email or text. If there are no avaliable slots online we are fully booked, please continue to monitor for any possible cancellations or reschedules.


$255 for feline spay and $105 for feline neuters
All deposits made at the time of booking will be subject to our refund policy. Refundable until 7 days prior, 50% refund up to 24 hours ahead.

Surgery intake and discharge information?

Clients will receive all pre-op and post-op paperwork and instructions digitally upon booking. All felines are required to arrive in a carrier with a lined towel or blanket and female felines are required to bring their own e-collar or surgical shirt for post-op suture care. Avaliable for purchase at an additional cost as well.

Surgery intake and anesthetic consent digital form must be returned prior to the day of the procedure.

Clients can elect to have additional services done at an additional cost at the time of the spay/neuter such as vaccines, microchip, deworming, pre-anesthetic labwork, FIV/FeLV/heartworm testing, e-collar/surgical shirt, etc.

Drop off and pick up times?

Drop off: 8-8:30AM, if the client is not here by 8:30AM the appointment will be cancelled, non refundable.

Pick up: 4 PM. If patients are picked up past 4:30PM there is an additional late fee added to the final bill.

Online booking only
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